Montag, 26. November 2012

'Come To Life 2013' - The project (english)

7 photographers, 7 characters, 52 weeks and 1 goal

We are 7 photographers, friends from very different regions of Germany. For 2013, though, we live up to the same challenge.

We chose 7 characters, action figures, movie heros and the like, one each, that we will assist in coming to life during the year 2013. Every photographer follows their own concept and will have to stay on top of their creativity to make this plan fly.

The character might inhabit and conquer the human world or may live in a world of its own. Some may step out in front of the camera in their actual size, others may use all their powers to look like real life people. We will unleash our phantasies and the potential of our characters.

For example we may use creative accessories, lightsettings, different apperatures and focal length, optical illusion and the like. Be ready for surprises and disguises. We will finish our photos with individual looks and sometimes with effects.

What you will not see here is an explosion of photoshop. We consider photography to be our key strength.

We will guide you through the entire year 2013 together with our characters. We challenged ourselves with a 52-week project and will start on New Years Day.

Then we will also introduce the characters and photographers and give you a first insight into what you can expect. Until then, though, we ask your patience just a little bit longer as we are gearing up. Then, though, we will start with our full energy!

Your team of

Come to life 2013

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